Aris Acoba

My name is Aris Acoba
I've been a product, and web designer for a combination of 9 years.
I am currently working at GitHub as a product designer, helping build the tools for people who like building software.

I was previously the Head of Design at LawAdvisor. Before the pandemic hit, I was fortunate to be sent to London, Melbourne, and Brisbane for client collaborations. During my tenure, I have worked on legal project management, digital contracts, resourcing solution, tender management, and its core SaaS product.
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Aris Acoba
Aris Acoba

Early in my career, I started as a software engineer developing financial systems. On the side, I did designs, and developments on various landing pages, and CMS sites. Some of my work exposed me to learn new languages and frameworks such as Ruby on Rails, Elixir, and ReactJS. I see this as my advantage in designing feasible solutions and communicating ideas to engineers. I have since focused on design. I have held positions in various industries such as banking, advertising, and startups.

Here are some of the companies and brands I have worked with: Lonely Planet, Simmons & Simmons, OP Games, Toyota Philippines, Mashup Garage, Eastwest Banking Corporation, PAREF Southridge School, IdeasXMachina, and Lorenzana Food Corp.

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Main craft
  • Product thinking
  • Interaction design
  • Visual design
  • Prototyping
  • Design process
Soft skills
  • Listening
  • Self-awareness
  • Communication
Superpower lvl 9999
  • Doesn’t put Lorem Ipsum
  • WCAG contrast ratio nitpick
  • 8pt grid evangelist
  • Can work with code, can learn on own (RoR, Elixir, React)


Design & Feedback
  • Figma
  • Principle
  • Framer
  • Pastel
  • Jira
  • Linear
  • Asana / Favro
  • Todoist
  • CSS / SCSS
  • Pug / Haml
  • VanillaJS / React / GatsbyJS
  • 11ty
  • Metalsmith
  • Git/Vim
  • RoR Beginner
  • Elixir Beginner



I take doing other things aside from my day-to-day a big part of my creative process. I’ve learned to accept that burnout can happen no matter what is your level of experience, and diversifying what you’re working on can help in keeping work fatigue at bay.

Here are some samples from my experiments, random ideas, and trying out different things for self-education, and sometimes for fun.


Despite focusing on design, I enjoy playing CSS and making things that I randomly think (e.g. Aeropress from checkbox). I achieve a different level of satisfaction whenever I get to develop the designs I made; some of the shots here are even written without an initial design. I hope you get delighted as much I enjoyed making these.

Akari 1A from an html checkbox. See it live
Single-div solar eclipse. See it live
Origami dripper from an html checkbox. See it live
Melbourne tram. Perhaps the most complicated I’ve made yet. See it live
Reliving Windows 98 dialog visuals. See it live
Instagram dark mode before dark mode was introduced. See it live
Been making iced pour overs more often; I've made an iced filter coffee calculator. See it live
Aeropress from an html checkbox. See it live
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