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Dump of work shots, explorations, and a bunch of stuff since 2012
Comic Odyssey product page
Comic Odyssey product page
  • Lead designer
  • Developer
  • Art direction
  • Interaction design
  • Visual design
  • Prototyping
  • Web development
  • Art direction
  • LawAdvisor
  • Mashup Garage
  • Toyota Philippines
Lies here are dumps from my explorations, posters, initiatives, and whatnots since 2012. I hope this gives you an idea on how I try to play, and learn on things I discover and create.
Comic Odyssey reservations page
Comic Odyssey reservations page
Design huddle poster
Design huddle poster
Web development playbook covers
Web development playbook covers
Made in codepen: Melbourne tram details
Design and development for

Some development

I have written in the Playground from my About page that I take doing other things aside from design a big part of my creative process. Time to time, I create pure CSS shots in Codepen, and sometimes making minimal websites (and one time a landing page, and CMS for a school written in Ruby on Rails).

I consider this a good break, as well as my learning on some development knowledge to help me design feasible solutions for clients.

Internal posters

I like doing initiatives such as making internal posters for outside-real work activities. Some samples here are for CSS Blitz, and Design Dekonstruction. CSS Blitz is a series of workshops where we teach and try to create simple to complex CSS problems. Design Dekonstruction is a series on slicing, and discussing existing designs around the globe that we think we can improve, or get educated from.

CSS Blitz poster
CSS Blitz poster
design dekonstruction material
Some material for Design Dekonstruction
css blitz poster
Cocktail Masterclass poster: LawAdvisor x Barclays
Studies for CSS blitz poster
Other studies for CSS Blitz
RSCSS sample
RSCSS sample
From a checkbox: Origami dripper components & finished product
From a checkbox: Origami dripper components & finished product. See it live
Close up: Origami dripper from a checkbox. See it live
Toyota Fortuner colour pick. I was part of the Toyota Fortuner campaign launch back in 2017. I was the lead designer for its micro-site


I'm fond of tinkering micro-interactions. This gives me good explorations on how I can induce little delights when doing interactions.

Made in codepen: Samsung S9+ pure CSS
Adding parties involved
Chat feature I designed, and developed for a contracts product
Micro-interactions: Search field
2018 version of
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