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Redesigning for agile teams

Agile development teams for startups, and enterprises
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Introduce a new design on the existing website of Mashup Garage, an agile development team for startups, and enterprises founded in Manila.


Why did the project exist in the first place?
Mashup Garage is a software development company founded in Manila, Philippines. There are two reasons for a call on the redesign: 1) The then-current one has been outdated for over 2 years already, and 2) to be the company's showcase of its domain knowledge on modern programming languages and frameworks such as Elixir and Phoenix, Rails and Ruby on Rails, and React. It was meant to be a refresh, and a company presentation of its tech expertise.


I have to admit: wireframes came as an after-thought in this process. On this project, I went straight to the high-fidelity then came into making wireframes as I wanted to step back and see the design skeleton to properly flesh out the colours, and elements. It only goes to prove that sketching the skeleton is vital before jumping into the high-fidelity.

Semi-wireframes: came into place to see the bare bones of the design

Dig in

There were at least 4 studies made before it was decided that we will take this path. And this wasn't a month-long process. It took almost a year to land in this direction from all studies made. You can say our CEO was picky *uhm* only wanting the best.

My role
I was the main point person on the design aspect, paired up with our CCO... During the period, I volunteered to take over the development.

I was the main point person on the design aspect. I was paired up with our CCO who set up the entire project on GatsbyJS. During the period, I volunteered to take over the development as I wanted to be involved in the nitty-gritty of its implementation.

Styles used
Styles used
All pages
All pages made
Subpage above the fold

Mobile version

These mobile designs went straight into development. After writing the lines for the desktop design, its mobile counterpart came afterwards.

On mobile: Homepage
On mobile: Homepage
On mobile: Subpages
On mobile: Subpages

In addition

I also took part in designing some marketing materials that use the same visuals on the new design

Visual materials
Visual materials: job postings, meta-image, and company manifesto
Overall, I enjoyed the process. It was a good break from product design. This was also my first time working with GatsbyJS so that was a big plus.

Mid of Q2 2019, the site has recoloured its palette.

End result
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